Jap Jap & Morgenfish: tono vala
chillout ambient electronica music

The mini-album tono vala is the collaborative debut by Netherlands-based chillout ambient electronica music composers Jap Jap & Morgenfish, who intuitively route our senses to the memories of the seasons, signaling us to observe and uphold the changing beauty of our natural world. This over 30 minutes long release has shifted the seasons and presents a spacious realm for us dreamers to roam. Preview the entire mini-album!

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The record is a dramatic step up from both of their previous solo-albums, mixing little references of both ambient electronica styles as well as a great sense for composition and subtle arrangements that push the entire release into a gloriously dreamy realm that hovers somewhere between the music of Ulrich Schnauss, Manual, Orange Crush or Boards Of Canada and the quieter moments of Helios or Benn Jordan.

It’s lonesome yet comforting in its ability to convey a sense of familiarity through ambient beauty and calming electronica sounds

tono vala has a story to tell beyond the texture of it’s sound. tono vala is not just a thought, it’s a message. An integral part of your existence. Consume, be part of it…

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